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Colours Of Life


Yongs in yogaWe're a family of adventurers, nature lovers and experiential architects

We believe that experiences shape the internal lens through which we see our external world. How we see people, things and events determines how we perceive and feel about them. To the degree we are able to experience connectedness with others is the degree of love, joy and peace that we are able to experience within ourselves. Thus, we embark on a journey to seek Oneness with everyone and everything in the world.

We write about our adventures here for two reasons: firstly to remind ourselves of our own experiences, and secondly to share them with like-minded friends. It's our aspiration to live and enjoy dabbing a full spectrum of colours on our own canvas of life, and share the colours with others.

2011 is a special year for our family. It's a year when we journey around different parts of the world to serve, to learn and to discover about humanity, the environment and the meaning of life. We aspire to contribute and to be of service to social projects on poverty eradication, environmental conservation, and spiritual awakening. We believe the path will help us remember and thus live out our own true purposes. We also believe that the experience will be invaluable to Robyn and prepares her for a purposeful life ahead.

Living life 100%, moment by moment.

Alvin, Jin and Robyn YONG


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