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Wealth Manager Jin has over 10 years of experience in Citi Bank and DBS Bank advising high networth clients on investment, insurance and wealth management. She is very knowledgeable in financial planning and investment matter.
Experiential Architect Jin runs experiential team building programs for corporation using rope courses, rappelling, pioneering and treasure hunt races.
Sport Climbing Instructor Jin is a rock climber and sport climbing instructor. She has climbed in Malaysia, Thailand and the UK, and she used to compete in the Singapore climbing competition in 1990s.
Eco & Outdoor Educationist Jin is a member of the Singapore Adventurer's Club and she loves the great outdoor. Jin rock climbs, skis, treks, camps, bikes, swims, canoes, skates, dives and snorkels.
Spirituality & Yoga Jin has been practising yoga since 2001.
Academics Jin graduated with a BSc in Civil Engineering from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore in 1987. She also holds a graduate diploma in business administration in 1999.




Project A-DAY-IN-A-WHEELCHAIR (1999)
Alvin initiated this public education project to promote awareness of wheelchair accessibility in Singapore. He put 150 participants comprising architects, urban planners from HDB and URA, transport planners from LTA and MRT, students and teachers, into wheelchairs and have them go on a 'day's journey' to experience for themselves what it would be like to be wheelchair-bound. The participants discovered the challenges in taking public transport, the difficulty in entering many public buildings, the inaccessibility due to road design with kerbs as obstacles, the unfriendly height of many public phone and the inconvenience of buying food in a food court, etc. Jin facilitated the team that comprised the Swiss Ambassador to Singapore, Mr Raymond Loretan.




Stone Edge Experiential

Alvin and Jin founded Stone Edge Experiential in 1995 to design and build climbing walls in Singapore. Jin was instrumental in running the business and managing the climbing wall construction projects in the early years. Since 2002, they decided to focus on being an Experiential Architects and designed many innovative experiential learning and team bonding programs to help organizations strengthen their teams.


Tigerland Rice Farm

Jin, Alvin and Robyn personally experienced the rice planting and harvesting seasons before launching the rice farming eco-vacation via to allow city born and bred families a chance to live a week as rice farmers at a rice farm in Chiang Rai, Thailand. In 2010, the People's Association began offering this eco-vacation as one of its oversea courses nationwide through its network of community clubs in Singapore.



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