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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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When we reached the Chennai airport, it was already very late. Since all the chairs were taken, we had to sleep on the cold, hard floor for the night. We laid out 2 sarongs onto the floor and slept on them. In the morning, we boarded the airplane and headed to Bangalore. After we reached Bangalore, we took a taxi to the ashram. The ashram is the Art Of Living international centre, that is why it is so HUGE!!! We had to wait forever to check-in and do everything like arranging the day for the courses! After we finally checked in, we washed up and went to Satsang before dinner. I went to bathe while mum and dad went to check out the place. After all of us showered, we went to the Satsang and saw Guruji! Wow! The meditation hall is HUGE! There were alot of people because of Guruji! After Satsang was over, we went to have dinner at the dining hall. The food was DELICIOUS! After dinner, we went to check out some of the places in the ashram. After that, we went back to our room to sleep. It was only our first day here, but I can tell that I'm gonna love it here! (^.^) Our block is call Nandi (cow), which is the vehicle for Lord Shiva.

In the morning, we went to eat breakfast at the dining hall. It was cereal, dosa and bananas. In the afternoon, we went to the AOL office. Mr Yezdi is the chairman of AOL. We met Divine Karnataka Project staff and talked. I had a fever late afternoon, I hope that I will get better.

Happy Birthday Mum! I was still feverish and it was lucky that nothing was planned for the day. I don't really have anything to talk about because I practically laid in bed for the whole day.

Today we went with Dr.Seema to a tailoring centre and saw a few handmade bags, they were very nice! There was only one lady cutting cloth when we arrived. When dad asked if he could take a photo, she went to prepare a sewing machine and put some cloth there to make it look like she was sewing. (^.^) Then, we went to eat lunch at Macdonalds. Yay! (^.^) After that, we visited a Girls' School and met alot of wonderful children, they were all very expressive! (^.^) Then, we went to a computer class and interviewed the teacher. When the class was over, we went to a women self-help group meeting. It's to teach the women to save money. Members of the group can borrow money from the pool when needed. For instance, A borrows money from the pool to buy a cow. When A sells the milk, she will get some money and return to the pool with some interest. After a few months, A can buy another cow, and get more money from the milk sold. When there are sufficient money, they can the money in the bank to earn interest. We didn't get to meet the ladies as they were late and we needed to head back to the ashram for Satsang. Gotta rush! Bye...

Mum has just started her basic course, so it was only me and dad. We went with uncle Siva to a slum village called V.V.Giri. We visited a tailoring centre and saw alot of women using sewing machines to tailour bags. After a bit of talking, we went back to the car but the engine couldn't start! (>O<) We tried to push it while starting the engine, but it still couldn't work. After 15-20 mins, someone who was recognized as a mechanic came to help us. In the end, he did it! Yay! There was not enough time to go anywhere else, so we went back to the ashram. Mum's basic course will last for the next 2 days!

I woke up late today, so we had to go to the cafeteria as we were too late for breakfast at the dining hall. It was just me and dad because mum had gone for her course at 6.30am. We came back and I used the computer for a while and dad read his book. We went to have lunch and met mum. Then, we went to the cafeteria together and drank juice and chat. At 3pm, mum went back to her course while we went back to our room. At 5.15pm, dad and me went to meet Mr Ramesh Raman, the Apex programme CEO. Dad and him discussed some things and I read my book. Then, we went to Satsang. Today's Satsang was at an open air amphitheatre opposite the meditation hall. We had dinner and went back to the room talking about our day. Its a relaxing day today, but tomorrow we will be going to the sports club. See you there! (^.^)

Hai-hai! Good morning! We went to the sports clubs and saw people playing cricket. First, we went to see some people playing cricket, then we went to another village and saw more people playing cricket! Dad played with them, and I could see that he didn't understand the game. He played and took pictures. After a while, we went to a school, although it was closed. Along the way, our guide, Yogendra, asked a few children to go to the school to play volleyball. (Yogendra is a college student, and volunteers at DKP during his free time. His nickname is Yogi. (^.^) We played volleyball without the net. I have not played volleyball for a long time and am not good at it. Once I hit the ball, my hand will be throbbing with pain... ouch! After the game, dad wanted to take pictures and the children posed for the camera. Then, we took an auto rickshaw to a bus station and went back to the ashram. We had Satsang at 4.30pm, so early! We met up with mum and got to meet Guruji, because mum's basic course is ending today and course participants get to meet Guruji. We squeezed in and got lucky! There were alot of people surrounding him, and so it was very difficult to have time with him. We told him about us going to Jharkhand to help out with the Tribal School Project and he blessed us. I hope he remembers us! Bye!



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