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Robyn's Diary
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Today we went to uncle Murali's village and visited the Durga temple. I had a bad sore throat, so i'm not in a good mode... We then went to his house and met his grandmother, wife and 2 children. We had tea and chatted. Then, we went to Icy Spicy for lunch and had french fries even though my throat was very bad. But the french fries did not have enough salt, so my throat got worse... (don't blame the fries! It's not because of the fries!) "Hey! Robyn! Don't lie! It IS because of the fries! Don't blame the salt!" says the wise one.... Sigh. Anyway, I did my diary and chinese HW while waiting for the internet connection to be passed from mum to me. But! Suddenly, uncle Murali said that the last bus was at 5.30pm! And the current time was 5.15pm! And we had to walk for 15 mins to get to the bus station! WHAT! 'Couldn't you have told us sooner!?!' (>O<) So bad! (;_;)

Today we stayed at the homestay the whole day. I got better and mum was still sick. After my tiring homework and diary, I played games games on the computer with ad. (The games that we played did not need the internet.) Very fun! I loved it! After that, dad needed to continue doing his computer work, so I did my 'Comic Life' on the computer. It was making comics out of pictures of myself. It was very fun! I wanted to play cards, but we did not. Maybe tomorrow! We may stay here for only a few more days, then head up to Rekong Peo, then to Kaza. It must be really cold there! Must wear lots of layers! Haha, become fat people! (^_^)

Today it rained the whole day! We couldn't go out. (;_;) So, today is another rest day for me and mum. Rest, sleep, play. We played solitaire and taught it to uncle Hari. At night, mum and me played Gin Rummy with Dipu. Turns out he knows how to play! Wow, impressive. 1st round, Dipu won, 2nd round, I won! Hehe... (^3^)

Today we were on our way to Banjar when we met uncle Murali! Oh no! Bad luck! Distract him with something and run away! We waited for almost 1h 30mins for the bus to Banjar at Gushaini! Uncle Murali said that it was 1.30pm! We waited at the bus stop at 1pm! And the bus came at 2.20pm! Ahhhh!!! So all together is about 1h 30mins! Anyway, uncle Murali dropped off at a stop earlier then us. We left Icy Spicy earlier so that we could buy biscuits and fruits. We wanted to take the last bus at 5.30pm, because it will go all the way to the entrance of the homestay, while the others will not. Mum rested/slept for a while and I er... What did I do? Sorry, forgot. (//v//) Gd night! (~_~)Zzzzz...

Although mum was still a bit sick, we did a short trek up the mountain on foot and saw alot of crows and 4 Himalayan Griffin! Wow! They were huge! Dad captured alot of photos of them. I haven't seen them, but I know I can rely on my trusty photographer daddy! Hahaha! (^_^) We took a shortcut to go down, but it seemed longer to me. Mum went to rest when we got back and I played IPhone games. I hope mum gets better, Love you mum! And dad!

妈妈说今天我要写华文日记。唉,我不要啊!今天我们留在Tirthview Homestay,因为妈妈要休息。 她的身体全是红的!可怜的妈妈呀!多休息为你好!睡觉,明天会更好的。 加油, 妈妈!我呢?我在房间里照顾妈妈,哈哈!不是啦,我在房间里玩手机游戏!我坏吗?对不起,妈妈!我爱你!

Hello!Today uncle Sukram and his family arrived! Uncle Sukram is the owner of the homestay. He has 3 kids. A boy and 2 girls. The boy is very young and the girls are 3 and 8yrs old. The younger is called Yashika and the older is called Vanshika. They are very active, especially the younger one. Haha! I had fun playing with them using cards to build houses. The cards are now quite spoilt. Then, I played with Vanshika some hand games. 2 more days to Rekong Peo! (^_^)





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