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Robyn's Diary
Seva 2011
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Uncle Murthy and aunty Geeta left in the morning to do some business. Dad went to the VVKI office on his own, while mum and me stayed at home. We went to Mcdonalds to eat lunch and I ate my usual, Filet-o-Fish and fries! (^.^) After we returned back home, I made a brownie cake from 2 brownie boxes, because 1 is not enough. It turned out to be nice! (^.^) I ate 3 big pieces before dinner, so very full! GD NITE!

Happy Birthday Singapore! I love and miss you! Dad went to the VVKI office again, while mum and me stayed at home. When we did the yoga today, I realized that I have improved alot! Yay! Go me! (^.^) I wish I could have attended Singapore's birthday celebration! I bet that it was very nice! (^.^) Happy 46th years old birthday celebration! (^.^)

Today is Avita's anniversary! (^.^) Happy birthday Avita! Guess what! We are leaving for the ashram today! So sad. Anyway, a driver came to pick us up and drove us to the ashram. Bye aunty Geeta and uncle Murthy! I'll miss you alot! When we reached the ashram, we saw ALOT of people! We found out that they were here for a special advance course in Tamil. We checked into our room at Yagyashala block. It's new, clean and good! Yay, so nice! We went for satsang and then went to eat dinner. Then, Mayur, someone from the Yes!+ course, came to pick us up and we walked to the old ashram to meet Dinesh and Bawa, the Yes!+ course teachers. We talked and then went back to our room and played Iphone games while heating up water in a very small thermo flask so that we could bathe. Good thing is that the water is really hot, so you only needed to boil a few times. Well good night! (^.^)

Today afternoon I went to Dr.Seema's clinic to help out. I memorized 5 medicine's name and use. She gave me homework too, I had to observe everything in the clinic, write it down and tell her tomorrow. There wasn't any patients, so it was a bit boring. The meridian 101 workshop was going to start, so I told Dr.Seema that I was going to leave. She asked me to wait and observe an injection. Scary! (>o<) The doctor did it very slowly, on the request of the patient. Thinking that I was late, I ran all the way to the Vishalakshi Mantap, only to find that mum and dad wasn't there yet. We went up to the 3rd floor of the VM, the Buddha Hall, for the first time. The workshop started and I went around taking photos. When dad went around pressing the acupressure points, there was alot of 'ouch' faces. I captured the opportunity... Haha! It was so funny! We didn't go for satsang because the workshop ended at 8+pm. We went to the new 'Vishala' cafe managed by Bawa and Dinesh. Bawa ordered a special dinner for us! A HUGE family Dosa, sandwiches and Vada. For desert, it was blended fruit juice mixed with vanilla ice-cream. We were all so FFUULLLL! Luckily I didn't explode. Good night!

Another fun day in the ashram! (^.^) Today mum and dad was going to the dentist in the city because mum was worried about one of her teeth's fillings. I was going to go with Dr.Seema to see a skit performed by the children. But, in the end, Dr.Seema said that it was cancelled and there was a clinical emergency. So I went with mum and dad. We took Anoop's car and went to the VVKI office, then we took an auto to the dental clinic. Dad and me waited while mum went in. Then, we went back to the VVKI office and met uncle Yezdi and aunty Ragini. We talked about some things and then went back to the ashram. We went to the travel office to talk about the plane tickets to Nairobi, Kenya. Mum stayed at the travel office to wait, while dad and me went back to the room. Then, dad went to the Badrivishala to listen to uncle Murali briefing the teachers. I stayed in the room to bathe. After a while, mum came back and also went to bathe. Then, we went for satsang at the Yagyashala Mantap. It was not in the Vishalakshi Mantap because there were too many people. It was raining very heavily and because of the roof top material, the sound was louder. When satsang ended, we went to the dining hall to eat dinner and met some people from Africa! They speak french, wow! (^0^) Mademoiselle, Bien... Hahaha! Bye!

Today is a very busy day! Dad had to meet someone at 11am and then have lunch together, after lunch he has to meet someone else, and he still has to complete his website. Woah! Mum and me went to pay for the plane tickets. 8 more days until we will leave. Mum and me checked the internet for the national parks in Nairobi. I wanna go to Abedare and Mt.Kenya national park. The most important is Tsavo East national park. (^.^) But all the parks accommodations are huge! 4 bedrooms! 135 US! So expensive! Ahhh! Today we went to the Amphi Theatre in front of the VM for satsang. Alot of people! 1 of the satsang song was really nice! So calming and good voice!

Today mum and me were really really late for lunch! Dad had a meeting with uncle Bawa and was supposed to come back to the room so that we could have lunch together and.... Yeah, you know where this will lead to right? He came back to the room at 3pm and said that he had already eaten lunch!!! So, mum and me went to the cafeteria to eat our really really late lunch, but they didn't have any Parantha, Dosa and Burger... So we ate Vada Pav, even though we ate late, it was still delicious. We ate ice-cream after dinner, and I had Ice-cream Sandwich, it is the BEST!!! (^.^)


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