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Social Entrepreneur Alvin is an advocate of creating social businesses that are cause-driven, run based on sound business principle so as to be profitable and therefore self-sustaining. He aspires to learn from Prof Muhammad Yunus in creating and running social businesses.
Network Marketing Leader Alvin is a Diamond President in avita. He leads a regional team of network marketing leaders and distributors in Scent'al World that span Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines and Indonesia. He is one of avita's master trainers in personal skills and leadership development, team performance, business planning and marketing campaign strategy.
Experiential Architect Alvin designs experiential programs that promote bonding for corporation, family, parent-child and self-discovery. He is versatile in using games, outdoor activities, clay and arts, music, rope courses, rappelling, pioneering and even business projects to create learning opportunities.
Marketing & Branding Strategist Alvin is highly experienced and creative in marketing, branding and communications. He founded Stone Edge Experiential, Clay-Street, essentiallyMERIDIAN, TigerLandRiceFarm and is the key strategist in Scent'al World for the marketing of the avita brand regionally.
Peak Performance Coach Alvin has over a deacde of experience in personal development, peak performance and success skills training and coaching for individuals and teams. His pet areas include goal getting, success planning, team building, presentation skills and personal breakthrough.
Preventive Health Trainer Alvin is the chief trainer for Meridian 101 Acupressure Therapy, cellular anti-aging, natural detoxification, aromatherapy and application of herbal essential oils. He is an active advocate of preventive healthcare through D.I.Y. self-healing therapies.
Sport Climbing Instructor Alvin is a rock climber and sport climbing instructor. As the Vice-President of the Singapore Mountaineering Federation in 1996-1999, he led a special project team to promulgate and eventually launch the Singapore National Climbing Standards in Singapore. The SNCS has since been adopted as the ASEAN climbing standards.
Potter/Artist Alvin started learning pottery in 2000 and has since participated in numerous ceramic art exhibition. He founded in 2002 to promote clay art as a fun and creative expression that anyone may enjoy. Alvin has created many experiential programs using clay as a medium for personal expression, creativity and team bonding.
Web Architect Alvin was the Regional Content Director of Lycos Asia from 2000-2002. He loves to design websites as a way of communication and expression of ideas, products and services. He has been invited to speak about effective web design and interactivity at the National University of Singapore. Alvin designs and hosts all his websites.
Eco & Outdoor Educationist Alvin was a scout from 1979 to 1984, and a member of the Singapore Adventurer's Club. He loves the great outdoor and is a strong advocate of outdoor pursuit and nature appreciation. He is acclaimed for designing and organizing expeditions, amazing races, orienteering courses involving the use of map and compass. Alvin rock climbs, skis, treks, camps, bikes, swims, canoes, skates and snorkels.
Spirituality & Yoga Alvin is working on his discipleship on spiritual and meditation practice with the Art of Living Foundation. He has been practising yoga since 2004.
Photographer Alvin is a keen photographer. He loves to shoot nature and people. He uses a Nikon D90 DSLR camera with 18-105mm and 55-300mm lenses.
Academics Alvin graduated with a BSc First Class Honours in Physics & Computer Science from Queen Mary College, University of London in 1989; and Masters of Science from Cranfield University in 1995.




Project CLAY IN-SIGHT (2009-now)
Pondering how would a blind person visualise from within, Alvin launched a voluntary pottery learning program for the Visually Impaired from Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) in April 2009 to equip them with basic pottery skills so as to allow them to express into physicality their inner 'vision'. He attracted many kind hearted volunteers (Angels) to join him in this project. It led to the first ever clay exhibition by the Visually Impaired Potters (VIP) to be held at the VivoCity Singapore on 5-6 Dec 2009.


Drink Towards a Greener Earth

Pondering how to ensure that Clay IN-SIGHT remains sustainable beyond him and inspired by the social business concept of Muhammad Yunus, Alvin conceived this social business initiative to create value for the market place in the form of Greener Earth Mugs co-created by the VIP and Angels, in order to generate revenue for self-reliance in the VIP and self-funding ability for the Clay IN-SIGHT voluntary project. Alvin launched this social business with a clay mug exhibition at the Millenia Walk Singapore on 21-25 April 2010. By the last day of the exhibition, we secured total mug orders of over S$10,000.


Clay Racial Harmony

Alvin designed a unique Corporate Social Responsibility project for Health Sciences Authority: 40 staff volunteers from HSA co-create Clay Tile Art with 40 APSN children from the APSN Katong School on 21 July 2010 to celebrate the Racial Harmony Day in Singapore. In September, they will come together again to paint their art pieces. Thereafter, we will hold an Adoption Day in HSA when all HSA staff will have the chance to adopt individual tile art pieces with a personal donation to Katong School. In Jan 2011, we will mount the 40 art pieces as a collective masterpiece on a wall at Katong School and hold an unveiling ceremony attended by staff of HSA and Katong School, students and parents.



Project A-DAY-IN-A-WHEELCHAIR (1999)
Inspired by the challenges faced in pushing his late Granny who was wheelchair-bound, Alvin initiated this public education project to promote awareness of wheelchair accessibility in Singapore. He put 150 participants comprising architects, urban planners from HDB and URA, transport planners from LTA and MRT, students and teachers, into wheelchairs and have them go on a 'day's journey' to experience for themselves what it would be like to be wheelchair-bound. The participants discovered the challenges in taking public transport, the difficulty in entering many public buildings, the inaccessibility due to road design with kerbs as obstacles, the unfriendly height of many public phone and the inconvenience of buying food in a food court, etc.


SMF Project TOP OUT (1996-1998)
In his capacity as the Vice President of the Singapore Mountaineering Federation, Alvin initiated Project TOP OUT in 1996. As the project Chairman, Alvin led a local team of pioneering climbing instructors to promulgate a set of national standards for sport climbing in Singapore, leading to the launch of the Singapore National Climbing Standards (SNCS) in 1998. In 2008, SNCS was adopted as the ASEAN climbing standards.




Stone Edge Experiential

Alvin and Jin founded Stone Edge Experiential in 1995 to design and build climbing walls in Singapore. Since 2002, Alvin decided to focus on being an Experiential Architect and he designed many innovative experiential learning and team bonding programs to help organizations strengthen their teams. In 2009, Alvin launched new eco-experiential programs to allow participants, especially families, to appreciate Mother Nature in a fun yet engaging way. Alvin believes his programs will help to awaken the eco-consciousness in more people, and catalyse towards making the world a better place.



Alvin leads a multi-national team of independent distributors who market, retail and distribute the Avita brand of wellness products globally. He is a Master Trainer/Coach in personal development, leadership development, team building, network marketing business know-how, and communications skills.



essentiallyMERIDIAN (2004-now)
Alvin founded essentiallyMERIDIAN with a team of partners to promote the self-healing skills and know-how of Meridian 101 acupressure therapy with the application of avita herbal essential oils. As Chief Trainer, Alvin designed and put in place a training system to train new Meridian 101 Trainers, Speakers and Ambassadors so that the business can expand and multiply across the region leveraging on a duplication model. Meridian 101 workshops and courses are now conducted in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia.


Tigerland Rice Farm

Alvin launched a unique rice farming eco-vacation via to allow city born and bred families a chance to live a week as rice farmers at a rice farm in Chiang Rai, Thailand. In 2010, the People's Association partnered me to offer this eco-vacation as one of its oversea courses nationwide through its network of community clubs in Singapore.



CLAY-STREET (2002-now)
True to the tagline "Where Pottery is Fun", Alvin founded and offer innovative programs using clay as a medium for learning, corprate/family bonding and self-discovery. is also a virtual gallery for pottery artists to showcase their works online.



BioArtz (2004-now)
Alvin founded BioArtz to promote drinking healthful alkaline water with Bio-Q and introduce the concept of DNA Music.




2000-2002: As the Regional Content Director of Lycos Asia Pte Ltd during the DotCom Boom, Alvin directed a regional team of editors, web designers and web developers across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and India, and was responsible for the web content on the pan-Asian Internet media portal.

1998-2000: As the Head of Conferencng and Acting Head of Learning Group of Enterprise Promotion Centres, Alvin conceptualized, developed and organized learning programs, training seminars and conferences to promote entrepreneurship, enterprise development of small and medium size company CEOs, public listing of companies and professionalization of company directors.

1989-1998: Army Officer with the Singapore Armed Forces. Alvin served various command and staff tours in the Combat Engineers and the Joint Service.



2013: Chairman, Parent Support Group, Unity Secondary School

2010-2013: Member, SAFRA Toa Payoh Development Committee

1996-1999: Vice President, Singapore Mountaineering Federation

1993: Chairman, Publicity & Publication, Singapore Adventurers' Club



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