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Pianist Robyn plays the piano beautifully and aspires to learn from pianists from around the world.
Rock Climber Being born in a rock climbing family, Robyn started climbing from birth. She used to enjoy climbing on her own climbing walls in her room constructed by Alvin and Jin.
Skiing Enthusiast Since hitting the snow slope in Lake Tahoe in 2004, Robyn has enjoyed skiing as much as she loves playing with snow and throwing snowballs at her parents.
Squash Junior Robyn is a junior squash player, she has competed in a junior squash tournament and she loves the great outdoor. Robyn rock climbs, skis, treks, camps, bikes, swims, skates and snorkels.
Spirituality & Yoga Robyn has participated meditation and yoga withthe Art Of Living children's programme called Art Excel and YES.
Reader Robyn loves to read, she reads all kinds of books. From The Five People You Met In Heaven by Mitch Albom to Anime which she loves alot, you can almost call her a bookworm. Oh yeah, she also read The Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coelho but she stopped halfway.




Robyn set up a English Children Book Library comprising about 30 books in a Karen village in Chiang Rai. She called for books to be given to her on her 10th birthday in 2008 and donated the books for the Karen children to learn English.

On Robyn's 8th and 9th birthdays, she donated most of her birthday presents to Canossaville Children's Home.



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